Chapter Room Block – 2018 GIS

Book now!  Our chapter room block is at the Drury Plaza – same hotel as our last visit, which was highly received!   The hotel is 4 blocks from the convention center and is on the River Walk.  (Hotel shuttle will not be available)

Remember – our room block sells out each year.  December is too late to make your reservation to stay in our block – make your reservation now!

GIS Chapter Room Block at Drury Hotel, 2018 San Antonio GIS
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This property has great amenities and is mid-price range of the GIS conference hotels.  Located on the San Antonio, Texas, River Walk, you are in the midst of all the great things the River Walk offers.  With only a  four-block stroll to the convention center, GCSAA bus service will not be available.

All rooms include microwaves and refrigerators, and free wireless throughout the property.

You can also enjoy two complimentary meals a day!  Enjoy a free breakfast that includes hot items such as biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and sausage.   From 5:30  – 7:00 p.m. each day, enjoy three beverage tickets for beer, wine, mixed drinks, or soda, as well as what you could enjoy as a snack or a meal – a variety of hot food that changes daily.

WSDA proposes to update county herbicide spray rules for eastern Washington

Washington Dept. of Agriculture’s plans to update the use restricted herbicide rules.  This is a pre-proposal.  More detail will be available in late summer.  Public hearings are tentatively planned for mid-September. WSDA is encouraging feedback and comments about these suggested changes.

The Department is considering:
1. Amending nozzle and pressure requirements in the three WAC chapters to reflect current standards that applications must be made by creating a droplet spectrum size (e.g., medium, coarse or very coarse) that is in conformance with ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) standards;
2. Repealing the 85 degree Fahrenheit cut-off requirement in individual county rules since it is in the statewide rule (redundant);
3. Repealing maximum wind speed restrictions in individual county rules and adding a maximum 15 mph wind speed restriction to the statewide rules;
4. Repealing restriction in statewide rules that limits the addition of oil carriers and adjuvants to one pint per acre;
5. Repealing restrictions in individual county rules that prohibit use of oil type carriers for brush control during certain times of the year;
6. Repealing restriction in statewide rules that prohibits mixing, loading and equipment decontamination (also aircraft takeoff and landing) in a manner that causes damage to susceptible crops;
7. Repealing restrictions in counties and specific “Areas” of counties that limit mixing loading of aircraft to formulations that can be applied in the Area where the airstrip is located;
8. Repealing the prohibition in statewide rules on turning or flying low over cities, towns, residences and other sensitive sites;
9. Repealing the prohibition in the statewide rules for storing use-restricted herbicides in “Areas” where their use is prohibited unless they are in a sealed container and the outside of the container is not contaminated; and
10. Repealing the provision in the statewide rules that indicates application of use-restricted herbicides through irrigation is subject to the same requirements as ground applications except for nozzle size and pressure requirements.

Explanation of Possible Rule Changes to Chapters 16-230, 16-231 and 16-232 WAC – click below



The Spring Meeting in Walla Walla offered several interesting presentations – including two presentations from Mike Huck, Irrigation & Turfgrass Services.

Huck offered an incredible amount of information is his presentations and he is happy to share his power points with you.

If you would like a copy of his power points, click below:

Huck_IEGCSA_Liquid Asset Management




AUGUSTA, Ga. – Cushman, a Textron Specialized Vehicles brand, continues to show its dedication to the golfing industry with the “Growing Greens” program. For every purchase of a new Cushman Hauler® utility vehicle, $50 will be donated to the local Golf Course Superintendents Association (GCSAA) chapter of the purchasing course.


Our block is open!

Each year we have several Inland Empire GCSA members disappointed they missed out of the chapter room block at the GIS.  Don’t be “that person” for the 2017 GIS in Orlando!

Even if you aren’t 100% positive you are attending, make your reservation.

You can adjust your nights, or even cancel with proper notice. November, December and January are too late to reserve a room in the block. By the end of October, if any rooms are left, we give them back to GCSAA, per our agreement.

We will have two blocks, again, in 2017.  The Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando, and the Hyatt Place Convention Center/ International Drive.  We have used the Rosen Inn ($97 Single/Double) before and it is more of a budget property.  The Hyatt Place ($156 Single/Double) is on International Drive. Although we have not used the Hyatt as a block property before, it is near our previous blocks. Shuttle service is available to the convention center with both properties.

Click here to reserve your room!


Dear members of the Idaho GCSA,

GCSAA’s 2016 Property Profile and Environmental Stewardship Survey is now underway. This survey focuses on course features, turf species and basic stewardship information that will help GCSAA advocate for the golf course industry and our profession. The survey takes just 15 to 20 minutes to complete. GCSAA’s Board of Directors is asking for your help by completing and promoting this important survey. If you have taken the survey, the Board thanks you for your service.  Use this link to take the <a href=”″>GCEP Property Profile and Environmental Stewardship Survey </a>

We realize April is a busy time of the year. However, this information is very important and with just a short time investment you will help make a difference for the superintendent profession and industry. GCSAA needs this important data that is based upon your continued input. Without it regulators may only have information provided to them by those wanting to ban the tools we need to do our jobs and contribute to the success of our facilities.

Your participation ensures accurate usage data and a stronger foundation of science and fact from which GCSAA can advocate. In addition to taking this survey yourself, please encourage superintendents in your area to participate— both GCSAA members and non-members alike.  Advocacy for the golf course superintendent is one of GCSAA’s most important efforts and a pillar upon which we operate. Please take the survey before it closes on April 29.

This survey is conducted by the National Golf Foundation on behalf of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.  GCSAA receives its funding for this project through a grant from the Environmental Institute for Golf and specifically from the generous support of the United States Golf Association.

Visit  today to learn more about the Golf Course Environmental Profile and to access the survey. Thank you for all you do to support and promote the golf course superintendent and the game of golf!


Peter J. Grass, CGCS
President, GCSAA

GCSAA needs your help to determine nationwide pest management practices through the Pest Management Practices Survey; no pesticide records required. This information provides much needed data for GCSAA to advocate on behalf of the golf course industry and superintendent profession. Without it, we won’t have supporting data to back up the facts showing golf courses as professionally managed greenspaces. The GCEP is sponsored by the USGA in conjunction with the EIFG

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Our chapter room block is open for the 2016 GIS in San Diego!

Click here to reserve your hotel room. 

This link will take you to a landing page to enter – and this is what you will see.

We have two properties available in our room block.  More information about the properties can be found in our summer newsletter!

Would you like to see our summer newsletter?  It is available online – click here!